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If you are ready to get an expert opinion, here are your options....

-1. You can hire one of the country's leading experts, Curt Baggett, using our on-line shopping cart and fax your handwriting immediately for a verbal opinion.
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Curt Baggett - Chief Document Examiner

908 Audelia Road-Suite 200-245

Richardson , TX 75081

Our office telephone number is: 972-644-0285

Our fax number is: 972-644-5233.

-2. You can browse our "Experts Page" of certified handwriting experts. You might find one locally, but realize you need a "document examiner" with courtroom experience--not a "handwriting analyst" whoreveals personality traits from the handwriting. Make sure you understand the difference before you hire someone.

-3. You can browse our links page, which contains some other web pages and links to other "document examining" professionals. We do not have first hand knowledge of these people, so we can only guarantee the experts that work directly with However, we hope that you find what you are looking for. Good luck!

What is the legal definition of the crime of forgery?

How to spot a forgery for collectors:

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Beth Chrisman - Court Qualified
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Contact: Curt Baggett's office
Telephone: 972-644-0285
Fax: 972-644-5233