You've found the Nation's #1 Handwriting Expert for forgeries, questioned documents, and handwriting related issues.

If you are a victim of a forgery or think you might be a victim of a forgery, I can help. I can guide you through the confusing and challenging process of proving a document (contract, check, will, signature card, etc) is a forgery or not. My team and I have helped hundreds of individuals, corporations, and lawyers win their cases based on our expert testimony about a document in question.

Even if your problem doesn't involve an attorney, knowing the truth about handwriting or a signature can really set your mind at ease. I'm here to help you, just a phone call away.

Just a few of the credentials Mr. Baggett can offer you or your client:
Curt has examined documents and/or testified in every state in the USA and over a dozen countries. He has offered opinions on almost 4000 cases since 1990 and has appeared in court as an expert witness nationwide on those cases that needed his testimony.
Curt Baggett has appeared on such respected national TV programs as CNN, CNBC, and even "Texas Justice" .
Curt Baggett is court qualified and certified by the American Bureau of Document Examiners and the American Institute of Applied Science.

Actually, in over 70% of our client cases, our Forensic Document Examiners never have to appear in court, saving our clients hundreds of dollars in court and court preparation fees. Because of our understanding of the law and the exhibits we provide, the opposing side often settles out of court or drops the case altogether. We have the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you or your attorney prove a forgery or not, to help build a case for fraud, or to obtain freedom for the falsely accused.

As court qualified Forensic Document Examiners, we know how tricky the opposition can be. We can guide you to the truth about the handwriting and hopefully to victory. Attorneys love to work with us and fear being on the wrong side or our testimony.

Unlike many "document examiners" who routinely charge $1200 or more to just look at your document, I am available right now to provide a "Quick Verbal Opinion" of your case for just $400.

For most people, this is all they need to decide on a next step.

For most people, this is all they need to decide on a next step.

Please call to discuss your case now. 972-644-0285

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This is or might become a lawsuit involving a trial, judge, a deposition, or at least an attorney.  This is strictly personal, there probably won't be any attorneys or legal action. I just need to know the truth.

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Wanted to let you know, I spoke to my Tax Attorney earlier today and he reiterated that the IRS Revenue Officer was further persuaded in his decision to grant the separation of my liability from my ex-husband's because of your finding that my signature had been forged on the tax return. As my attorney put it, "That was money well spent". I thank you so much for that. - Susan Stalker, San Ramon, CA

Mr. Baggett,
Thank you agreeing to testify in federal court in Fargo, N.D. from your house via Video Link or a phone testimony. I was desperate until I found you. I cannot thank you enough.
Lyle Noorlun
Marina del Rey, CA

I never thought I'd need a handwriting expert. You have saved my marriage and my Army career! It was really hard to prove when a forger signed my name and made it look like I did it! Thanks to you the truth will prevail. Thanks a million again and again!
Charles Barber
Ft Polk, Louisiana

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I have told my Attorney that you are the answer to my prayers.
Carolyn Byrun, Hobbs, Hobbs, New Mexico

Dear Mr. Baggett,
Most experts would not fly to Louisa, Kentucky to go to trial like you did. Thanks for all your help on my case.
Truman Evans, Louisa Kentucky

Mr. Baggett,
My boss's husband forged his wife’s name to a check and I was accused, charged, and arrested for theft and forgery. Thanks to your handwriting analysis genius, you told us who did it, and I am free from a 5 year jail sentence. Bless you.
Stephanie Manual, Eunice Lousiana

* We are not attorneys. We do not dispense legal advice in any fashion. We only comment on our experiences as it relates to cases we have personally been involved in regarding handwriting, forgeries, or expert witnesses. If you want legal advice, you must consult a licensed attorney.

Contact: Curt Baggett's office
Telephone: 972-644-0285

Fax: 972-644-5233