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We are here to assist you in solving your handwriting related problem. One of the advantages of having a website is we can answer many questions you have before you actually talk one -on-one with one of our experts. Clients love this aspect, since we charge for our time. If you think about it, even though you will get to read the "Frequently Asked Questions" for free.. .it is saving you about $125 per hour! A good investment of your time.

So, before you schedule an appointment with one of our professional document examiners, please read this website thoroughly. If you find yourself with a question that is not covered on this website, we welcome your e-mail question. However, since we get paid for our knowledge, we will not answer an e-mail question that would fall under the category of "consultations" or "document examining" without charge.

Many new clients do not quite get the concept that we are professional "expert witnesses" with over 20 years of experience in this field. If we simply sat by the phone and solved your problems for free... we couldn't feed our family. That's why you have the very simple options outlined in the "How Much Does it Cost Section." (I don't know of any Doctors or Lawyers that you can call up and expect free advice.)

If for some reason, you don't feel comfortable spending the $295 for an initial verbal opinion about your case, we can schedule a brief case overview appointment with our Chief Document Examiner, Curt Baggett. At that time, Curt will advise you whether or not we can assist you with one of our pre-paid packages. You can either e-mail Curt directly email or fax him at: 972-644-5233.

For faster service, sign up for the $295 Verbal Opinion and Curt will call you (within 24-48 hours) to discuss your case with you by phone.

Client Comments and Testimonials

Thanks for your help with the city of Dallas Municipal Court problem. The case is dismissed, thanks to you.

Mr. Baggett, All of us at the law office really do appreciate your analysis and prompt attention to our forged will case. Thank you.

Dear Curt, You probably think this was a very simple case, but I just needed to know who addressed the envelope. Thanks for your expertise.

Mr. Baggett,
Our 14 year old daughter did not burn the house down and did not write the letter. You have proved she did not write the confession letter and now maybe we can get the conviction over turned. Bless You!
Lisa Clark
Hattiesburg, MS

21 June 2004
Dear Mr. Baggett,
I thank you and my client thanks you for the "RUSH" job of getting us ready for court. We won the case, Thanks to YOU!!
Hadford Law Offices PLLC
Scott Hadford
Mesa, Arizona

27 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for your expertise help! I know that my Dad did not sign the life insurance policy beneficiary change form, but we needed your letter to prove it!
Raymond E. Bradshaw Jr.
Washington D.C.

22 May 2004
Thanks! Without your help my brother could have been deported because of a simple mistake. My family, my brother, and I, all thank you for your expert opinion letter we used in court.
Said Said
Garland, Texas

8 June 2004
Dear Mr. Baggett,
Re: Double Forgery on both sides of the Border
Your analysis in English and Spanish were equally excellent. My special thanks for your immediate response to my needs—a deadline court date was due to expire that afternoon. You saved our lawsuit.
Joel Molano, Paralegal
Mission, TX

21 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
You have just saved my client a million dollar corporation by revealing the forged stock certificate. Thanks!
David Calvert
Jay Mar Security
Dallas, TX

20 Feb 2004
Dear Curtis,
Thanks for your analyzing our handwriting. Everyone here in the law office is talking about your fantastic analysis.
Sarah Hardin
Hurst, Texas

30 April 2004
Thanks you for your analysis. I am sending more documents to be analyzed for forgery and I will need a notarized opinion letter.
Michael H. Johnson
Spirit Lake, Iowa

27 April 2004
Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for your expert testimony in court on 16 April 2004, your performance was excellent.
Susan Calvin
Legal Assistant to Stephen E. Thompson
Houston, Texas

18 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
Thanks to you, the guy who stole my identity could go to jail. You have been so helpful in preparing me for court to defend a law suit for a lease I never signed. Thanks! I have forwarded your letter to the Los Angeles Detective.
Darrin Silverman
Bandon, OR

13 Sep 2003
Thank you for the extended visit earlier this week, with your opinion letter outlining the forgeries I am going to drop in the visit with the bank this week. Thank you for all of your help with this matter.
Robert MacInnis

10 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
I could not believe the Dalmier Chrysler dealership of Canada would forge my name and submit it to the Bank of Nova Scotia. Thanks to your expert opinion, I have a chance to clear my name and the illegal debt. You are fantastic.
Lukrezia Buzanic
Mississauga, ON. 15BZE6


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