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So, you aren't involved in a lawsuit...
you just need to know the truth.

This page is designed to give you some insight into what is in store for you and what "level of service" you need to purchase.

If you are not going to sue someone or use the results of the "document examination" in a court of law, then you can simply hire the best analyst you can find from any state (or country.) We like to think we have some of the best at Expert Document

People have used our Personal Services in such situations as:

College student's roommate stole her credit card and charged up big bill. The parents wanted to know if the roommate or their daughter really signed the bill. (It was the roommate.)

A Nashville high school teacher was concerned about threats written on the blackboard. He suspected it was a certain troublemaker, but wasn't sure. The handwriting exam of the photographs of the writings proved that the suspect boy was not the writer. This set the teacher's mind at ease.

A woman had been concerned with the suspicious events of her brothers "suicide" over a year ago. Her mission for the "document exam" was peace of mind, not legal action. However, after consultation with Curt Baggett, her suspicions were verified. Her brother did not write the "suicide" note and therefore probably did not commit suicide. This information was taken to the local police and the they re-opened the case. Also, the Life Insurance company started their own investigation into the beneficiaries.

However, if you think you might need an expert witness in a court of law, make sure you read the legal page.

What's the process?

It takes a certain amount of our time and effort to do discover the authenticity of a document. Sometimes, it is a quick process and other times it takes hours and hours of working with enlargements, magnifying glasses, and microscopes. The good news is...if your case is of a "personal" nature and not a "legal" nature, your final cost will be less.

Why? Because for every document examining case there are two major steps. The first is the discover the authenticity of the writing. (Is it a forgery or not?) The second step is to prepare a "documentation of findings". This second step can be very time consuming and includes enlarged photographs, dozens of exhibits, notarized letters, and thoroughly explaining the process of proving to a jury that our "expert opinion" is correct.

Since we aren't going to present this evidence to a judge or jury, we can skip the second step and just explain to you our opinion via telephone.

If you think your case may end up in front of an "attorney, judge, or jury" please inform us of that at the beginning, so we can keep records of our investigation and not have to re-work the case and charge you twice.

What's the next step?

Using the power of a fax machine and possibly Federal Express, we can work with you from anywhere in the country. In many cases, we don't NEED to see the original, a fax will often do.

Now, simply choose which of the two pricing options best fits your needs.

Client Comments and Testimonials

20 Feb 2004
Mr. Baggett,
It’s hard to get anyone to help when you are in prison. You were so kind to prove that the handwriting was NOT mine. Thanks so much
Phillip Barfield
US Penitentiary
Leavenworth, KS 66048

10 May 2004
Dear Curt,
Thank you for your help analyzing the handwriting of the kids and the mother.
Delve Detective Agency
Jonas Berwick
Duluth, GA. 30096

17 May 2004
Dear Curt,
Your quick response and opinion letter was so unusual. Thank you so much! I’m sure our attorneys will want to hire you again on another bank suit.
Tracey O’Brien
Futeral & Brookshire, Attorneys at Law
Mount Pleasant, SC. 29464

19 June 2004
Thanks for your quick response and for your expert opinion that my x-wife forged the will and was taking everything from the children. Our life has changed because of you! Thanks,
B. Beran
Livermore, CA. 94551

29 May 2004
My eleven year old daughter’s x-friend forged my daughter’s handwriting to ugly letters and accused my daughter of being the author. Your letter has made my daughter well and boy do I feel better after I mailed it to the mother of the guilty girl. Thank you for your help.
Cheryl Gutierrez
Detroit, MI. 48207

30 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
The forged life insurance policy (three time accident death benefit) beneficiary form forged by my daughter’s boyfriend (apparently) after she died, sure gives me renewed faith in justice. Thank you so much. I am taking your letter to the district attorney.
Thank you and God Bless You!
Donna Dargis
Summer Point, New Jersey

21 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
The IRS garnished my wages and took my tax refund for a debt on a forged promissory note for a student loan in Ohio when I did not ever live there. Your expert letter proving I did not sign the note may save my life. I was so desperate until I found you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Edward M. Underwood

Leigh Acres, Florida
I am questioning the authenticity of the letter; I just have to know who wrote it so I can acknowledge the letters without feeling foolish. Thanks for analyzing it.

Thanks for your help with the city of Dallas Municipal Court problem. The case is dismissed, thanks to you.

Thanks Curt, your analysis was very helpful.

Mr. Baggett, All of us at the law office really do appreciate your analysis and prompt attention to our forged will case. Thank you.

Curt, you did such a good job selecting the guilty party from the handwriting. I’ve decided to use you to help me select better employees.

Dear Curt, You probably think this was a very simple case, but I just needed to know who addressed the envelope. Thanks for your expertise.

Mr. Baggett, My brother died and his business partner forged a will and took his house, money and his personal belongings. Thank your for proving it was forged.

Mr. Baggett, Thank you for your very quick response and opinion letter.


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* We are not attorneys. We do not dispense legal advice in any fashion. We only comment on our experiences as it relates to cases we have personally been involved in regarding handwriting, forgeries, or expert witnesses. If you want legal advice, you must consult a licensed attorney in your state.